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Awards and Honors

  • George Cody (Acting Director) was elected Chair of the Chemistry Division, American Chemistry Society, in 2001, and also elected Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on the Origins of Life in 2005. in 2010 he was selected as a 2010 Distinguished Visiting Scholar by the W.M. Keck Institute for Space Studies.
  • Ronald Cohen was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in fall 2002. He will receive the  2009 Dana Medal of the Mineralogical Society of America.
  • Yingwei Fei was elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union on 22 January 2010.
  • Marilyn Fogel was elected a fellow of the Geochemical Society in 2002 and a fellow of the Geological Society of America (2003).
  • Robert Hazen was awarded the 2009 MSA Public Service Medal; named Sigma Xi Distinguished Public Lecturer (2008-2010); National Science Foundation, Biosciences Directorate, Distinguished Public Lecturer (2007); Elected Chair, Gordon Research Conference on the Origin of Life (2007-2008).
  • Russell Hemley received the Hillebrand Prize of the American Chemical Society in March 2003. In 2005, he and Ho-kwang Mao were awarded the Balzan Prize in Mineral Physics, and in 2008 he was elected Honoris Causa Professor for Energetics, Mechanics, Machinery, and Control Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). In 2009 was given Bridgman Award and named to the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
  • Wesley T. Huntress, Jr. (GL Director Emeritus) received the Dryden Lectureship in Research awarded by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2003. He received the Lifetime Associate of the National Academies awarded by the National Academies of Science and Engineering in 2004. He was made Associate of the Royal Astronomical Society awarded by the Royal Astronomical Society in 2005. He received an Honorary Doctorate in Science awarded by Brown University in 2005. In 2006, received the William Randolf Lovelace II Award awarded by the American Astronautical Society.
  • Ho-kwang Mao won the Mineralogical Society of America’s Roebling Medal for 2005 and the 2005 Gregori Aminoff Prize in Crystallography “for pioneering research of materials at ultrahigh pressures and temperatures.” In 2005, he and Russell Hemley were awarded the Balzan Prize in Mineral Physics, in 2007 he was awarded the Lehmann Medal of the American Geophysical Union, and in 2008 was elected to the Royal Society of London.
  • Bjorn Mysen is a Member of The Royal Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters since 1985. He was elected Geochemistry Fellow by both the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry in 2008. He received the George W. Morey Award from the American Ceramic Society in 2005, the F. W. Clarke Award of the Geochemical Society of America in 1977, the Reusch Medal of the Norwegian Geological Society in 1979. He is in the original listing of ISI/Thomson Research Highly Cited list since 2001 (his is the list of the 1000 most cited scientists in the world of physical science over the last 20 years). He was named Geochemical Fellow by the Geochemical Society of America in 2008.
  • Charles Prewitt (former GL Director) was awarded the 2003 Roebling Medal of the Mineralogical Society of America in November 2003 and the International Mineralogical Society (IMA) medal in 2009.
  • Douglas Rumble was President of the Mineralogical Society of America in 2003 and Vice President in 2002. He is a Past President of the Geological Society of Washington. He is a Fellow of the Geochemical Society, Fellow of the Geological Society of America, and Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America.
  • Andrew Steele was named Smithsonian Research Associate in May of 2009. In June of 2009 he recieved the 2009 NASA MSFC Award.
  • Viktor Struzhkin was recognized as an outstanding mentor by the Siemens Foundation, sponsor of the Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science, and Technology 2003.

We are proud to mention the many awards from professional associations received by postdoctoral fellow, associates, and staff members of the Geophysical Laboratory through the years.