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Machine Shop

On-line Shop site:

Machine Shop Request Procedure (PDF)

1) Plan. Plan ahead; think carefully about the requirements of your job. You should have a general idea about your needs including dimensions, materials, etc. The GL Machine Shop is capable of making and modifying a wide variety of parts and instruments from various materials including metals, wood, ceramics, plastics etc. Postdocs should consult with their supervisors with any questions before approaching the machine shop.

2) Consult. Once you have a basic plan, schedule a time to discuss your design with the shop. The material requirements, possible job‐specific costs (tools, materials, outsourcing, etc.) and time frame should all be discussed. The shop may make specific suggestions to your design to help facilitate the fabrication process.

3) Submit. Formal requests should include drawings or sketches with dimensions (both standard and metric are fine), materials, time frame and any other detailed instructions. Be specific if a job requires tight tolerances, special finishing or heat treatment. If you bring your own materials, be sure to include the Materials Safety Data Sheet. Email or in‐person requests are acceptable.

General Shop Guidelines

1) Do not enter the shop unannounced. Always ask permission to enter the shop.

2) Wear safety glasses when in the shop – there is a box provided near the entrance.

3) Open‐toed shoes (sandals, flip‐flops, etc. ) are not permitted in the shop.

4) Do not take parts or tools from the shop without asking. Even if you are an experienced user, ask permission.

5) No one is permitted to operate any machine unless okayed by shop staff.