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CVD Diamond

The Geophysical Laboratory has made important advances in the growth of diamond by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).  Methods have been developed to produce single-crystal diamond at low pressure having a broad range of properties.

The CVD Lab at the Carnegie Institution of Washington has made great advances in diamond growth. Our goal of producing large, colorless, ultrahard and ultratough diamonds allows for the realization of a variety of applications that include diamond anvils for high pressure research; infrared and X-ray windows for high-power lasers and synchrotron beamlines; semiconductors; wear resistant and abrasive mechanical components; heatspreaders; micro-electrical machines (MEMS); high power electronics

Colorless 4x4x1 mm CVD diamond plate recently produced
at high growth rate.
A variety of colorless diamonds from 0.4 to 1.4 carats
produced at high growth rates.
  Colorless 1.4 carat CVD diamond.
 Various colored CVD diamond plates from 0.5 to 2 carats
treated by low-pressure high-temperature (LPHT) annealing.
   Colorless CVD diamonds with an energetic green plasma
in the background.

Carnegie CVD Diamonds in the news: