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Social Life





New logo for the soccer team!








Spring Blooms at BBR Campus

Snow at the Carnegie BBR Campus


2009 Auction/Fundraiser for Richard Bartholomew's Family

On November 22 Richard Bartholomew, a Department of Terrestrial Magnatism machinist, lost his fight with cancer. In support of his family the Carnegie campus came together to help raise money with an auction and donations. Special thanks to Roy Dingus and his many hats for auctioneering the event.





2009 Fall Picnic and Pumpkin Contest


Most Creative:
 Most Scary:  
 Most Fun:  
  The Winners!  



 Mud Cup XXVI, July 1, 2009



Mud Cup XXVI was very exciting! DTM managed to score four times more than GL. Nevertheless, everybody played well and it was fun to play and watch ! Please enjoy the photos taken by Caroline Jonsson and Thomas Ruedas, our resident photographers !


Meet the Summer Scholars 2009

summer interns 2009
















Mothers celebrate with a lunch, May 14, 2009. (sitting) Marilyn Fogel and Vera Rubin (they couldn't make it to lunch but are magically in this picture). Agnes Mao, Anat Shahar, Evgenya Shkolnik. (standing) Susana Mysen, Helen Venzon, Rose Luo, a friend from the Netherlands, Alycia Weinberger, Mary Horan, Lindsey Bruesch, Merri Wolf, Jan Dunlap, Danielle Appleby.


Carnegie Evening

This yearly event was held at Carnegie Institution's headquarters in Washington, DC, on May 6th. The celebration started with a talk by Dr Marnie Halpern, Department of Embryology, regarding her research on left-brain assymmetry -- where in the larval brain it resided and for what purpose. Two Service to Science Awardees were introduced:  Michael Acierno. IT/IS manager at DTM, and Thomas McDonaugh,  Facility Manager at the Department of Embryology. A recepion for the many guests followed. For more photos, please follow this link.

The following were there from GL and DTM (from left): Helen Venzon, Caroline Jonsson, Javier Montoya, Atsushi Kyono, a friend, Daniella Power, Susana Mysen.


Gone Fishing

On May 1st, (right to left) Maceo Bacote, Joe Lai, Gary Bors and Qi Liang went fishing with Maceo Jr. and a friend in the Chesapeake Bay. Each caught a 24-inch (at least) sea bass ! Really! They offer this photo as proof to the doubters !




















Takamitsu Yamanaka, Shohei Ohara, and Atsushi Kyono held a Tea Ceremony under the Cherry Blossoms on 8 April 2009.  Looking on are Agnes Mao, Tim Strobel, Julius Ojwang and Merri Wolf.



Shohei Ohara and Atsushi Kyono serve and instruct their guests.  Shown from left are Atsushi (back to camera) and Shohei officiating, Javier Montoya, Chris Jonsson and Caroline Jonsson (hidden) participating, and Julius Ojwang, Agnes Mao, Dave Mao, Rus Hemley, and P. Ganesh looking on.


Mud Cup 2008

Now is the time of the year to play our first Mud Cup of the season! The event will be held on July 1 (it's a Wednesday) starting at 2:30 p.m between Pistons (GL) and Dynamos (DTM).

Mud Cup has a long history that goes back to 1976. If you want to view some of the history check out this link: won the last two games, but next year we will win back the trophy !!!










Amidst Sakura (Japanese cherry tree) blossoms, time for a Tea Ceremony on Campus




 Lunch at the Knoll