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2007 GL Seminars

December 17, 2007 
Philip Anfinrud-IH
“Watching proteins function with 100-ps time-resolved X-ray crystallography”

December 14, 2007 
Eugene Gregoryanz-University of Edinburgh
“Structural diversity of sodium”

December 3, 2007 
Jun Korenaga-Yale University
“Why does plate tectonics take place on Earth?”

November 26, 2007 
Yue Meng-HPCAT, APS Argonne National Laboratory
“Application of x-ray Raman scattering in the study of electronic properties of low-z materials”

November 19, 2007
Nigel Goldenfeld-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“What does the genetic code tell us about early life?”

November 15, 2007
Sergey Ovchinnikov-Kirensky Institute of Physics, Krasnoyarsk, Siberian Division, RAS
“Spin crossover and electronic transformations in Mott insulators under high pressure”

November 6, 2007 
Jörgen Rosenqvist-Oak Ridge Laboratory
“Surface charge, ion adsorption and molecular dynamics at the SnO2/water interface”

November 5, 2007 
Bruce Buffett-University of Chicago
“Core-mantle interactions as a source of energy for the Earth's dynamo”

October 29, 2007
Jie Li-Urbana
“Mercury’s Unique Core” 

October 15, 2007
Wendy Panero-Ohio State University
“Volatile Transport and Storage in the Earth’s Mantle”

October 9, 2007
Paul Fenter-Argonne National Laboratory
“Imaging Mineral-Water Interfaces”

October 1, 2007 
Stas Sinogeikin-HPCAT, APS, Argonne National Laboratory
“Brillouin Spectroscopy Combined with X-ray Diffraction: New Developments at APS”

September 24, 2007
Michelle Minitti-School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University
“Mars In and Out: A Multifaceted View of the Red Planet”

September 17, 2007
George Cody-Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Washington
“Mineral Mediated Reactions and Proto-biochemistry: Biology as Geomimetic Chemistry”

September 10,2007
Pierre-Eymeric Janolin -University of Arkansas

September 4, 2007
Nabil Bassim-Naval Research Laboratory
“The Earth is not Flat and Neither are Crystals”

July 9, 2007 
Dr. Jake Maule-Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Washington
“A journey to the Space Station”

January 29, 2007
Li Zhang-Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Washington
“Melting experiments on lower mantle materials at high pressure”

January 28, 2007
Abby Kavner-UCLA
“Earth Electrochemistry: Geochemical Signatures of Redox Reactions”

January 22, 2007
Raja S. Chellappa-Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Washington
“High Pressure-Temperature Tuning and Synthesis of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials”     

January 14, 2007
Wen-lu Zhu -Department of Geology, University of Maryland
“Strain Localization and Fluid Flow in the Crust”

January 7, 2007
 Ashraf Ali-NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
“Formation of Silicate Grains in Accretion Disks and Stellar Outflows: Experiment, Theory, and Observations”