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GL Publications Policies and Procedures

Geophysical Laboratory Publication Policies and Procedures

Revised December 2015

(1) Any manuscript submitted for publication anywhere with an author listing the Geophysical Laboratory affiliation needs to be submitted concurrently (if not before) to the Director's office and the library. You can submit papers to us in any format (paper or electronic), but electronic copies (PDFs) are preferred. Please send them to George (, Shaun (, and Aline ( Any and all requests for confidentiality will be honored (i.e., the library will not post the listings prior to acceptance for publication without your approval). Also, please keep the library informed about updates such as revisions, withdrawals, and resubmissions. Finally, if you think your paper merits a Carnegie or Geophysical Laboratory press release/web highlight, let us know. 

(2) Everyone is strongly encouraged to seek at least two internal reviews prior to submitting the paper. This not only improves quality but also provides an opportunity to inform colleagues about your discoveries. If you would like for the front office to handle the internal reviews prior to journal submission, that can be arranged. It is expected that you will address all questions and concerns raised by your colleagues: engage your colleagues in discussion of all points raised.

(3) Our proper affiliation is "Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington" (with or without the street address). There have been questions about the use of "Carnegie Institution of Washington" versus "Carnegie Institution for Science" in publications and presentations. The latter name was adopted several years ago by the Board of Trustees as way to highlight and promote the Institution's mission in fundamental science, but the former remains our legal name. You are encouraged to use both in presentations, but the legal name should be used in all publications.*

(4) If the paper reports research carried out elsewhere (e.g., prior to joining the Geophysical Laboratory), then you should list the Laboratory as your present address in an appropriate footnote. If the research was begun elsewhere but continued here (e.g., analysis of data), then you should list the Geophysical Laboratory as your affiliation. Likewise, if you submit papers from another institution that describe research conducted here, then the Laboratory should be listed as your affiliation.

(5) These policies apply to publications by HPCAT, HPSynC, and NSLS-U2A personnel and external users of these facilities. All papers listing personnel at these facilities as coauthors are considered Geophysical Laboratory publications. Papers written by external users of these facilities without Geophysical Laboratory (e.g., our facilities) personnel as coauthors should also be submitted to us for our records and for reporting purposes. Though these papers are not considered official Laboratory publications, they need to include the proper acknowledgments to Carnegie and grant support.

Many thanks for your help and cooperation in keeping up the great work of the Geophysical Laboratory.

George D. Cody
Acting Director, Geophysical Laboratory
Carnegie Institution of Washington

*A sure way to tell if a manuscript was not carefully read by a coauthor or did not pass proper review by others is listing "Institute" for "Institution", an unfortunate and recurring theme but also a useful indicator of the lack of care in preparing the paper.

GL Publication Policies and Procedures (PDF)