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2008 Urey medal of the European Association of Geochemistry awarded to Pascal Richet, Geophysical Laboratory alumnus

The European Association of Geochemistry awarded the 2008 Urey medal to Pascal Richet. Pascal received the award during the Goldschmidt Conference in June in Vancouver. The prestigious distinction is given annually by the society for outstanding contributions advancing geochemistry over his career.

He is renowned for his contributions to understanding of the thermodynamic and physical behavior of minerals and melts.

He is a Senior Geophysicist at the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris. Pascal is an alumnus of the Geophysical Laboratory, having been a postdoc, a visiting scientist since the 1980s, and a close collaborator with GL scientists.

"Pascal Richet has been mainly interested in high temperature and pressure physical properties of minerals and melts to understand how their complex interplay has determined the Earth's activity, at all length scales, throughout geological history. He has for instance devised new methods and concepts to study the effects of water on melt properties, to investigate melting and crystallization reactions, or to establish connexions between thermodynamic, transport and structural properties of Earth materials...In addition to papers in specialized journals, he has published a treatise, The Physical Basis of Thermodynamics, a research book, Silicate Glasses and Melts, Structure and Properties (with B.O. Mysen), as well as a number of articles and other books dealing with popularization, cultural aspects of science, or history and philosophy of science (e.g., in English, A Natural History of Time)." [European Association of Geochemistry]