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Charles T. Prewitt, Director Emeritus, Receives First International Mineralogical Association Medal

The first International Mineralogical Society (IMA) medal was awarded to Charles T. Prewitt, Director Emeritus, in recognition of his invaluable lifelong contribution to mineral sciences, on June 24th at the Goldschmidt Conference in Switzerland. 

The medal was presented to the recipient by Professor Takamitsu Yamanaka, President of the IMA and Senior Visiting Scientist at the Geophysical Laboratory.

Charlie's research interests include the characterization of minerals, analogs, and new materials. His research on silicates and oxide materials, specifically, and his development of principles of ionic radii in these materials, has been highly influential in the earth and materials sciences over the past 40 years. Charlie was the Director of the Geophysical Laboratory from 1986 to 1999. For more information, please view Russell J. Hemley's talk presented at an MSA symposium in 2003 to honor Charlie's receipt of the Roebling Medal.