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Ganesh Panchapakesan (Carnegie Fellow, 2007-2010) Accepts Staff Position at ORNL

Ganesh Panchapakesan a former postdoctoral fellow (Carnegie Fellow, 2007- 2010) at the Geophysical Laboratory has accepted a staff position at Oak Ridge national laboratory (ORNL), with their Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS).

While at Carnegie he worked on technologically important materials called ferroelectrics and relaxors and studied novel phase-transitions in magnetic materials under high-pressure.

He graduated from the physics department in Carnegie Mellon University where he worked on geometric frustration in amorphous metal alloys and phase transitions (liquid-liquid) in liquid and supercooled liquids.

His current work is in the fundamental understanding of the physics/chemistry of fluid-solid interfaces as found in energy-related materials, especially batteries and supercapacitors, to enable design of better materials in the near future.