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Wendy Harrison (Predoctoral Fellow, 1977-1979) Named Division Director for NSF's Division of Earth Sciences

Wendy Harrison, a former predoctoral fellow at the Geophysical Laboratory, 1977-1979, has been named divisiondirector for the National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences in the Directorate for Geosciences.  

The National Science Foundation states the Division of Earth Sciences “supports basic research and education into the structure, composition, and evolution of the Earth, and the life it supports, and the processes that govern the formation and behavior of the Earth's materials. The Division has programs in geobiology and low-temperature geochemistry, geomorphology, sedimentary geology and paleobiology, continental dynamics, hydrology, geophysics, tectonics, petrology and geochemistry, instrumentation and facilities and education."

Harrison, who formerly served as associate provost and dean of undergraduate studies and faculty at Mines, joined the university in 1988 as an assistant professor after eight years as a senior research geologist at Exxon Production Research Company and two years as a National Research Council Fellow at NASA-Johnson Space Center.

She received bachelors and doctoral degrees in geology from Manchester University, U.K. Harrison’s research interests lie broadly in geochemistry and she is lauded for her important contributions in geoscience education. 

Harrison worked primarily with Bjorn Mysen during her time at the Geophysical Laboratory, but also worked closely with Marilyn Fogel, John Brady, Frank Spear, Bruce Watson, Danielle Velde, and Ric Wendlant.  Harrison says about her time at Carnegie,  "The fellows formed a very strong cohort and most of us have have stayed in touch through our careers because of the common experience of working together at the Lab."

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