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The Geophysical Laboratory's Ho-kwang Mao and Timothy Strobel attended The 7th Asian Conference on High-Pressure Research (ACHPR-7) in Bangkok,Thailand from January 16-18 as invited speakers.

Mao's talk, A New Dimension in Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Materials Science, focused on how pressure dramatically alters all substances. Since the turn of the millennium, scientists have finally garnered the full capability of harnessing the pressure dimension of physics, cheistry, Earth and materials sciences. 

Strobel discussed New Low-Density Allotrope of Silicon with a Quasidirect Band Gap, which described his new findings on the synthesis of a new low-density, orthorhombic allotrope of silicon, Si_24. Si_24 that was formed by thermal “degassing” of sodium from a Na_4Si_24 precursor formed at high pressure.

The conference was attended by more than 100 high-pressure scientists from all over the world.  Mao, Strobel and the rest of the invited speakers were treated to traditional Thai food and theatrical dance performances at the world famous Siam Niramit theater.

                                  Timothy Strobel and Ho-kwang Mao at ACHPR-7. Photo courtesy of Agnes Mao.


Michelle Scholtes, 27 January 2015