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Shuhei Ono Promoted to Associate Professor

Geophysical Laboratory alum, Shuhei Ono, has been promoted to Associate Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT.  Shuhei was a Carnegie fellow at the Geophysical Laboratory from 2002-07.

The Executive Committee of the Corporation has approved the promotion of Shuhei Ono to Associate Professor (with tenure), effective July 2015.

Shuhei Ono’s research concerns the application of multiple-sulfur isotope systems to study reaction pathways in sulfur biogeochemical cycles. He applies this technique in the studies of the deep biosphere, seafloor hydrothermal systems, and the change in oxygen in Earth’s early environment. A particular focus of this research has been to understand the origin of mass-independent sulfur isotope fractionation as a unique record of early Earth’s atmospheric chemistry and microbial evolution.  Read more here.

Congratulations, Shuhei!