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People News

  • Venkat Bhadram, postdoctoral associate, was one of three selected for best poster awards at the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), which was held before the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in mid July. The winners of the poster awards gave five-minute short work presentations during the GRC.

  • Russell Hemley has joined George Washington University as a Research Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering after three decades at the Geophysical Laboratory and the Carnegie Institution of Washington. He remains the director of the CDAC; the director of Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments (EFree), a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center, and the co-executive director of the A. P. Sloan Foundation-funded Deep Carbon Observatory.

  • Congratulations to Geophysical Laboratory/DTM Librarian, Shaun Hardy, who was just selected to receive the 2016 Mary B. Ansari Distinguished Service Award of the Geoscience Information Society (GSIS)! The GSIS is an international professional organization devoted to improving the exchange of information in the geosciences through cooperation among scientists, librarians, editors, cartographers, educators, and information professionals. Shaun will be presented the award at the 2016 Geological Society of America meeting in Denver.

  • Congratulations to Geophsyical Laboratory postdoctoral associate Stephen Elardo on receiving NASA's Early Career Fellowship!

    The Early Career Fellowship (ECF) program was established to support the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers and to stimulate research careers in the areas supported by the Planetary Sciences Division. This Program is based on the idea that supporting key individuals is a critical mechanism for achieving high impact science that will lead the field forward with new concepts, technologies, methods, and more.

  • Michael Guerette joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate. Michael is working with Tim Strobel on novel solar energy materials, specifically Si24 synthesis and property investigation.  Previously, Michael was a postdoctoral researcher at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering in 2014. 

  • Geophysical Laboratory research scientist, Muhtar Ahart, has been awarded an Alan Berman Research Publication Award from the Department of the Navy for 2016.  This award was established by Dr. Alan Berman, the Naval Research Laboratory's fourth Director of Research, to recognize the best published technical writing(s) in each scientific division. Its purpose is to provide continued impetus to superior technical writing and achievement of NRL's publication goals, which are: to stimulate Navy research in basic and applied science, to document and disseminate professional knowledge throughout the Government and the scientific and technical community, and to enhance the prestige of NRL and the scientific profession in the Federal service.

  • Renbiao Tao joins the Geophysical Laboratory from Peking University. He is working with Yingwei Fei on the role of volatiles in the deep interior and element partitioning at the deep Earth boundaries. Tao's interests also include deep carbon cycle in subduction zones, redox state, and evolution of subduction zones.

  • Li Zhu joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate from the University of Basel.  Li is working with Timothy Strobel on the development of a reaction pathway prediction method to be able to apply the method and predict reaction pathways and transition states.  He is also interested in crystal structure and transition state predictions under high pressure. 

  • Ajay Mishra joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate from the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). He is working with Rus Hemley on the synthesis of hydrogen rich materials under extreme conditions.  He will characterize these materials using XRD, Raman and IR measurements.  Ajay is also interested in the behavior of materials under extreme conditions and to unravel the basic physics behind it.

  • Aline Niyonkuru joins the Geophysical Laboratory as the Assistant to the Director, working with George Cody.  She joins us from the Association of Public Health Laboratory (APHL), where she was the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director.  She has a wide range of skills including streamlining internal processes and Executive Office operations, implementing centralized online employee resource centers and applying critical thinking skills to produce well written and verbal communications.  

    Aline is also interested in international relations, international peace and conflict resolution, leadership, and non-profit management.  We are excited to have her join our front office team!

  • The Geophysical Laboratory's Qinyang Hu was awarded the Young Scientist Award at the 9th Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS) International Conference at the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) in Hsinchu, Taiwan. 

    The IUCr Young Scientist Award is the award to young scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the crystallography society. Qingyang's work covers crystallographic study on silica under extreme high-pressure condition. Silica is used in the manufacturing of microchips, cement, glass, and many other applications in our daily life.

  • Megan Duncan joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate working with Yingwei Fei.  She is working on high pressure-temperature experiments to constrain the origins and formation of the Earth and Mars.  Additionally, Megan is interested in mantel and core geochemistry, and petrology of the inner terrestrial planets.  Megan received her Ph.D. in Earth Science from Rice University this year. 

  • Matthew Ward joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate working with Tim Strobel on the synthesis of high pressure carbon materials. Matthew is also interested in solid-state synthesis and x-ray crystallography.  Prior to joining the Geophysical Laboratory, Matthew was a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Notre Dame and received his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Northwestern University in June 2014.

  • Abhisek Basu joins the Geophysical Laboratory as a postdoctoral associate working with Reinhard Boehler.  He is working on developing large volume diamond cells for neutron diffraction and is also interested in high pressure behavior of perovskite oxides using XRD and Raman spectroscopy.  Abhisek received his Ph.D. in physical sciences from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Kolkata in 2014.

  • Shi Liu joins the Geophysical Laboratory from the University of Pennsylvania as a postdoctoral fellow. Shi is working with Ron Cohen on multi scale simulations of dynamical responses of ferroelectric domains, to fundamentally understand various structure-property relationships of ferroelectric domain walls and to discover, develop and demonstrate new material design principles.  His research interests focus on materials exploration and design using both advanced quantum chemistry and large-scale molecular dynamics simulations.