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People News

  • Matthieu Galvez joins the geophysical laboratory as a new Carnegie Fellow from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France.  He will be studying the dynamics of carbon in metamorphic nodes with George Cody.  

  • Yonghui Zhou joins the geophysical laboratory this week from the Institute of Solid State Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  He joins us as a Predoctoral Associate working with Xiaojia Chen and Ho-Kwang Mao.  He will be studying the structural and magnetic properties of manganese chromate under low temperature conditions, high magnetic fields, and high pressures including the evolution of magnetic ordering by the substitution of zinc and manganese.  

  • Vincenzo Stagno, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Geophysical Laboratory, was awarded "Best PhD Thesis" by the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology at the 1st European Mineralogical Conference held in Frankfurt, Germany 2-6 September 2012. 

  • Duck Young Kim, a Carnegie fellow of geophysical laboratory, was nominated as a Benzelius Prize winner (Benzeliusbelöningarna) from the Royal Society of Science in Uppsala Sweden for “successful theoretical research on the materials properties under pressure such as superconductivity and metallization”.  The ceremony was held at Gustavianum museum, Uppsala, Sweden, on September 4th 2012.

  • Hilary Christensen arrived from the University of Chicago.  She joins us as a new Carnegie Fellow working with Marilyn Fogel.  Hilary will be working on stable isotopes in fossil tooth enamel as indicators of diet.  Additionally, she is interested in the evolution of herbivory, digestive physiology, metabolism, ecology and geochemistry.  Presently, she occupies a desk in R-233.

  • Sandra Siljestroem arrived from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.  She joins us as a new Carnegie fellow working with Andrew Steele.  Sandra will be examining organics in geological samples.  She currently occupies a desk in R-G31.

  • Caitlin Murphy joins us as a new Carnegie Fellow working with Yingwei Fei and Russell Hemley. She is interested in understanding how defects and impurities influence the structural, vibrational, and electronic properties of materials at high pressures. Her postdoctoral research will focus on experimentally probing the effects of composition, pressure, and temperature on the transport properties of mantle and core materials using diamond anvil cells and advanced radiation sources. Caitlin received a B.S. in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences from MIT in 2007, and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Caltech in 2012. Presently, she occupies a desk in R-133

  • Emily Bertot joins the Geophysical Laboratory from Northwood High School in Silver Spring, MD as a research assistant.  She will be assisting Marilyn Fogel with analyzing hydrocarbon samples from sediments in order to assess their hydrogen isotope content.

  • Christopher Glein arrived August 1 to join the Geophysical Laboratory as a new Carnegie Fellow working with GeorgeCody.He will be working on research in organic geochemistry.

  • Subhasish Mandal arrived July 16 from Michigan Technological University. He joins us as a new Post doctoral Associate working with Ron Cohen. Subhasish will be working on first-principles calculations of Fe-based superconductors. 

  • Former Administrative Assistant Susan A. Schmidt has returned to the Geophysical Laboratory to provide administrative support for a new archives project launched by the joint DTM-GL Library.

  • Michelle Scholtes joins the Geophysical Laboratory as the new Webmaster/Departmental Assistant.  She will be taking over the front office webmaster position.  As our new web content manager, she will be in charge of website maintenance and development, science news writing, and other tasks such as seminar preparation and event planning. 

  • Katherine Crispin has been named the new Microbeam Specialist at the Geophysical Laboratory, starting July 1, 2012.  She will assist John Armstrong in supporting our beam instruments, in particular the new GL/DTM FIB.

  • This year we welcome five undergraduate Summer Scholars to the Geophysical Laboratory.  The students will be with us for 10 weeks, working on their own research projects under the direct supervision of a member of the GL staff.

  • Environmental changes linked to anthropogenic activities, such as global warming, ocean acidification, and nutrient pollution, have been linked to decline of coral reefs.  Student research assistant Alyssa Frederick has been chosen as a Fulbright scholar to do research to assess the effects of a changing environment on the long-term health of corals.