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Organic Geochemistry

Understanding the early evolution of the solar system and possible origins of life involve establishing whether one can identify chemical signatures of the complex succession of reactions encoded in the chemical structure of the meteoritic organic materials.


Research Project


The organic geochemistry labs, led by George Cody, have the following equipment:

  1. Varian gas chromatographs (3400) equipped with FID, NPD, and electron capture detectors for separation and analysis of organic molecules
  2. Hewlett Packard high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with fluorescence detector for reverse phase liquid chromatographic separation of organic molecules
  3. Hewlett Packard gas chromatograph (HP6890) interfaced with quadrupole mass spectrometer (HP5972) for molecular characterization
  4. Agilent GC-MS with autosampler
  5. CDS 1000 Pyroprobe with heated interface for pyrolysis GC/MS and GC/FID analysis
  6. Solid-state NMR with probes for measuring 13C, 15N, 31Si, and H NMR in solid samples
  7. Shimadzu gas chromatographs for complete gas phase analysis
  8. Waters LC-MS-MS system, a compact system relying on Ultraperformance LC linked to a tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer.