Dionysis I. Foustoukos

Seeking the truth to create knowledge for the generations to come.

The common theme of my research is the ways of experimental geochemistry to investigate the interaction of water with solid Earth and biosphere. The cycling and interaction of geofluids with the Earth’s interior are one of main links connecting shallow and deep planetary processes along the interplay between hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. Specific research interests are based on ideas shaped by collaborations with petrologists, mantle geochemists, stable isotope geochemists and microbiologists. Research directions evolve within a 5 year time frame and involve interdisciplinary projects that integrate chemistry with Earth and life sciences. By bridging disciplines we expand into new research directions that lead to new discoveries and technological advances.

Current projects are focused on both 1) the evolution of crustal fluids in the Earth’s interior, and 2) geo/biochemical processes occurring at the interface of biology with crustal fluids and solid Earth. 

Novel experimental designs have been developed to investigate dynamic natural processes under controlled laboratory conditions. These  approaches include a high pressure bioreactor that allows for studying the relationship between metabolic pathways and microbial adaptability across a spectrum of thermal, redox and pH gradients; and the novel employment of Raman vibrational spectroscopy as a means to in-situ determine the hydrogen stable isotope fractionation between fluids and carbonate melts, while samples are at conditions of those resembling the Earth’s interior.



Experimental Geochemist

B.Sc., Thessaloniki University, 1997
PhD., University of Minnesota, 2005 

Professional Background
Adjunct Professor, George Mason Univ., 2010 - present
Research Scientist, Geophysical Lab, CIW, 2009 - present
Associate Editor in American Mineralogist, 2013-present

Office address
Geophysical Laboratory
Carnegie Institution of Washington
5251 Broad Branch Rd. NW
Washington, DC 20015
ph. (202) - 478 - 8968
fax. (202) - 478 - 8901
email: dfoustoukos at ciw.eduHa!_files/Curriculum%20Vitae.pdf