Biogeochemistry-Geobiology-Organic Geochemistry


Current Collaborative Projects:


       Solid state NMR Analysis of dissolved organic matter in the deep marine water column (with Matthew McCarthy and Students at  UC Santa Cruz)


       Analysis of chemistry of marine particulates (sediment trap samples) using micro-STXM (C-, N-, and O-XANES) (with Jay Brandes, U. Texas at Austin)


       Solid state 13C NMR and pyrolysis GC-MS studies of modern and ancient (45 my) ferns and artificially matured ferns in order to derive chemical model of diagenetic evolution of fossil organic matter (with Andy Czaja and Bill Schopf UCLA)


       Solid state 13C NMR, pyr GC-MS, and micro STXM (C-XANES) analysis of ancient fossil organics (carboniferous and older) to map the biochemical emergence of lignification onto the phylogenetic tree of plants (with C. Kevin Boyce University of Chicago)


       Solid state 13C and 15N NMR of modern biofilms from acid mine waters (with Jill Banfield and Javiera Cervena, UC Berkeley)


       Molecular analysis of biomarkers from ancient (proterozoic) sedimentary rocks (with Jen Eigenbrode, CIW, and Katrina Brody and Jay Kaufman, U. Maryland)  




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