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Probing Chemistry Within the Membrane Structure of Recent and Ancient Higher Plants with Soft X-ray Spectral Microscopy, 6th International conference on X-ray Microscopy, XRM99, 1999, Berkeley, August.


Biogeochemistry at Nanoscales  2000 NSLS Annual Users’ Meeting, 2000


Hydrothermal Investigations into Organic Reaction Networks at Temperatures and Pressures Corresponding to Deep Hydrothermal Vent Systems, Geological Society of America-Pardee Symposium-New Insights on Organic Metamorphism in the Earth  111th GSA, Denver, 1999.


Imaging at the NSLS, 1999 Annual Users’ Meeting, May 24-26, 1999


Fuel Chemistry at Nanoscales, presented at the Hydrocarbon Resources Gordon Conference, Ventura Ca, January (1999).  Awarded for best oral presentation.


Invited Seminar Speaker (incomplete)


Department of Geosciences, SUNY Stony Brook (2003)

Department of Marine Chemistry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (2003)

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington (2001)

Departments of Microbiology and Oceanography, University of Washington (2001)

Department of Chemistry, RPI (2000)

Department of Chemistry, Penn State University (2000)

Department of Geosciences, George Washington University (2000)

Department of Geosciences, Arizona State University (1999)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Delaware (1999)

Department of Earth Sciences, University of California, Berkeley (1998)

Department of Geologic Sciences University of Illinois-Champagne-Urbana (1997)

Department of Embryology, Carnegie Institution of Washington (1997)

Center for Advanced Energy Research, University of Kentucky (1997)

Department of Chemical Engineering Kyoto University (1996)

Department of Chemistry Osaka Univerisity (1996)

Institute for Chemical Reaction Science, Tohoku University (1996)

Geologic Society of Washington (1995).



Scientific Workshop Participation (incomplete)


Workshop on Cometary Dust in Astrophysics Crystal Mountain, WA, L. Kellor, S. Messenger, D. Brownlee, Organizers, August 2003,


Workshop on Astrobiology, Crystal Mountain, WA, W. Sullivan, J. Baross, Organizers, August 2001.


Workshop on Scientific Directions at the Advanced Light Source, Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, March 23-25 (1998):  Participant and presenter for the Working Group on Polymers, biomaterials, and Soft Matter, published in July, 1998.


Roadmapping Workshop for the NASA Initiative in Astrobiology,  July 1998.  Participant in Prebiotic Chemistry working group chaired by Jim Ferris.


DOE Basic Energy Sciences Work shop on Coal Research in the DOE (1997) Panelist and Presenter





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