An expanding list of capabilities

Sample Environments and Synthesis

We use a wide variety of apparatuses to achieve high-pressure / high-temperature environments for both recoverable materials synthesis and in situ studies. We have a wide range of diamond anvil cells available, with varying degrees of optical access and temperature control options for different applications. We generally work at pressures <50 GPa and temperatures <2500 K, although higher pressures and temperatures are certainly possible.






In collaboration with Yingwei Fei, we also perform materials synthesis experiments using the large-volume multianvil press lab, generating pressures up to 25 GPa and temperatures up to 2300 K. In collaboration with Reini Boehler, we are working to develop novel large-volume synthesis capabilities.











We maintain a variety of equipment for sample environment/preparation including a Cryoindustries DAC He cryostat, 300W IPG IR fiber laser, high-purity MBraun LABStar glovebox, Fritsch PUVERISETTE 7 premium planetary ball mill, quartz tube cutting and sealing station, Mellen tube furnaces, dying ovens etc.



Sample Characterization

X-ray diffraction

We maintain three X-ray diffractometers for in-house structural studies

1) Bruker D8 Discover with Cu microfocus source and Vantec500 area detector (and LynxeyeXE high-resolution, 1-D detector).













2) Bruker D2 Phaser (Cu) with Lynxeye 1-D detector for general powder diffraction.












3) Rigaku D/max with rotating anode (Mo) and scintillation detector for single crystal studies.



Vibrational spectroscopy and optical characterization

We use a variety of spectroscopic methods and optical characterization. The lab is currently equipped with a high-resolution Raman spectrometer built around a Princeton Instruments SP7500 spectrograph with PyLon CCD. We also regularly use UV-VIS-IR absorption and reflection methods.









User facilities

We are regular users at the APS, SNS and NSLS